About Fiction Valley

Fiction Valley is a versatile, Amsterdam based production company specialized in drama. Being a production house where talent and diversity in drama - in more than one way -  is embraced, Fiction Valley produces series and films for a wide range of viewers. From relentless crime to family features, from nail-biting suspense to feelgood drama and from annual event series to the first Dutch Netflix Original Feature.

Fiction Valley
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Billion views onYouTube
Programs released every year
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Our team

Annemieke van Vliet
Creative Director/Producer
Jacqueline de Goeij
Creative Director
Pieter Bart Korthuis
Franky Ribbens
Xer Holsheimer
Head of Production
Marie-Claire Janssen
Head of Production – Business
Maarten Koopman
Development Producer
Sanne Broeder
Coördinator Writer’s Rooms
Hugo Naber
Post Production Supervisor
Laura Pulgar Aguilera
Post Production Supervisor
Lisa de Vré
Office Manager
Mila Kok